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Greening Program of Small and Medium Enterprises (by Government Decision 592/2019 from 27.11.2019 ) will be implemented by ODIMM with the purpose to promote, support and develop the entrepreneurial capacities of SMEs, in order to adopt in production processes and services providing the greening practices.

The Program provides an integrated approach of support for SMEs oriented to introduce green economy principles.


Support provided to SMEs through the program



Dear Entrepreneurs, before applying for the Program, we encourage you to pass the self-assessment questionnaire in order to evaluate the level of business greening production processes and provision of service. We suggest that you go through the questionnaire, steps by step, that is aligned in four compartments. specific to energy efficiency actions, water reuse, waste recycling and management system adjusted the company.

Following this evaluation, you will get a Score that assumes the degree of business greening and automatically you will receive by email the recommendations of experts in the field of greening. These recommendations will refer to possible actions, which can be implemented within your company as efficient use of resources, increase of production potential, development of competitiveness on the markets and optimization of costs of production.

Self-assessment questionnaire 

Through the Program, the SMEs will benefit of information materials, consultancy, support and training services on identifying solutions and taking concrete actions of greening the processes of production and provision of services, which will increase the company's potential to achieve a higher share of markets.

In the second stage, the SMEs will receive financial support as grants for the implementation of greening actions on resource efficiency, application of sustainable production and consumption models, introduction of eco-innovations in technological processes, waste reduction and management, pollution prevention and water resources management, etc.



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Ask the expert

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Stages of participation in the program


Financial support for the implementation of greening actions

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Expected indicators

Elaboration of greening action plans
SMEs finance suport for green actions up to 200.000 MDL
SMEs finance suport for green actions up to 500.000 MDL


SMEs assistence and consultancy in the field of greening business
Awareness and people’s information
Identification of national consultants in the field of greening business


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