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Program on Attracting Remittances into the Economy "PARE 1 +1"

Program on Attracting Remittances into the Economy "PARE 1+1" has been approved by the Government Decision no. 972 of 18.10.2010 download.

The program is oriented towards migrant workers and/or their first-degree relatives who want to invest in starting and/or development of a personal business.


Migrant workers or first-degree relatives who prepare to start a business or intend to develop an existing one with full private capital, registered under one of the following legal forms:

1. Individual enterprise/ individual entrepreneur;

2. Limited liability company;

3. Farmer;

4. Production cooperative;

5. Entrepreneurial cooperative.

Under this Program a migrant worker shall be a citizen of the Republic of Moldova gone abroad with the purpose to work. A first degree relative can be the spouse, parents/adoptive parents, sons/daughters.


1. A citizen of the Republic of Moldova;

2. Moldovan migrant worker or first degree relative – beneficiary of remittances;

3. Intends to start a business in Moldova or to develop an existing business;

4. Has own capital arising from remittances and can confirm by presenting supporting documents the sources of the funds.

PARE 1 +1 Program is developed in four components:

COMPONENT I - "Information and Communication"

COMPONENT II - "Training and Entrepreneurial Support"

COMPONENT III - "Business Financing/1+1 Rule"

COMPONENT IV - "Post-financing Monitoring and Program Evaluation"


In order to register for participation in the Program the applicant will present a file containing the following documents:

• Documents justifying eligibility for the Program

1. Copy of the applicant’s Identity Card;

2. Copy of documents identifying relations between the migrant and the Program applicant: Identity Card, marriage certificate, birth certificate (if applicable).

3. Working contract from abroad of the migrant, translated by an authorized translation agency;

4. Copy of documents confirming that money originated from labor activity abroad: certificate confirming the salary/income, bank statement, copies of bank transfer provisions.

Application forms for participation in Component II - "Training and Entrepreneurial Support"

1. Application form download;

2. Application for the training:

a) Individual person;

b) Enterprise;

3. Affidavit concerning the provenance of sums of money from remittances, signed and dated by the beneficiary:

a) Individual person;

b) Enterprise;

4. Check List 1 download

The program is carried out according to the rule 1+1, correspondingly, the applicant will pay 50% of the entrepreneurial training courses within Component II.

In order to participate in Component III "Business Finance /Rule 1+1" the applicant will supplement the file with the following documents:

Application forms for participation in Component III:

1. Financing request (standard form) download;

2. Declaration stating lack of debts to national public budget download;

3. Affidavit concerning the efficiency of entrepreneurship download;

4. Certificate of attendance of training courses within the Program.

Documents related to entrepreneurship:

1. Copy of the Extract from the State Register of Legal Entities (as much as 3 months old);

2. Copy of documents founding the enterprise:

1. Enterprise registration certificate

2. Decision on registration of legal persons

3. Bylaw

3. The original certificate on the bank account, issued by the bank;

4. Copy of financial reports for the three last activity periods (if applicable);

5. Copy of documents confirming the ownership, copy of the lease contract for the room/farmland (if applicable);

6. Copy of the License and/or Authorization (if applicable);

7. Business plan download;
Model Business-plan download
ANNEXES: Previewed Balance Sheet/ Flow of financial sources download

 Commercial offers, agreements of intent with suppliers/customers.

8. Check List 2 download

Note that the business plan will be submitted online at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or submitted electronically at ODIMM office.


1. import of goods, except production equipment and raw materials;

2. trade in any form;

3. trust funds and insurance;

4. investment funds;

5. banking, microfinance and other financial activities;

6. exchange and Lombard;

7. gambling;

8. acquisition of real estate;

9. catering services provided in Chisinau and Balti;

10. immigration services in any form;

11. notary and legal services, lawyer.

PRIORITIES of Program "PARE 1+1" in 2012

1. Creation of new jobs;

2. Export orientation;

3. Import substitution;

4. Implementation of energy efficiency projects;

5. Creation and business development in the area download;

6. Application of modern technologies, know-how transfer, innovation.

The applicant may send the set of documents archived in ZIP or RAR files to the email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or submit the paper file to ODIMM office.




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