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Promoting eco-innovation in SMEs

Promoting eco-innovation in SMEs


Business people from the Republic of Moldova, who are interested in obtaining sustainable consumption products and patterns, have been acquainted today, on-line, with the European methods of promoting eco-innovation in the entrepreneurial field. There have also been provided examples of overseas companies’ good practices, which could be followed by local entrepreneurs.  Over 100 representatives of public authorities, business, academic environment, environmental organizations and external development partners participated in the first National Workshop entitled "Promoting Eco-Innovation in Small and Medium Enterprises". The event was organized by the Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises Development (ODIMM) in partnership with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) within the EU4Environment Regional Project.

Iulia Costin, the General Director of ODIMM, has highlighted, in her opening speech, that the implementation of innovative practices in the activity of small and medium enterprises is vital in the context of global economic challenges.

“Promoting eco-innovations in local companies is one of the viable solutions for adapting to difficult conditions and challenges that have recently emerged. By adjusting the European expertise local companies will increase their potential and will be able to face fierce competition both internally and externally”.


Vasile Vulpe, the Head of Economic Policy and Business Environment Department, Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, has emphasized the Government support in promoting business sustainability.

"Promoting good practices in technology transfer and innovative business, as well as familiarizing with the case studies on eco-innovations from the European Union member countries will contribute to capacity building as per eco-innovation in SMEs from the Republic of Moldova and will enable the takeover of  this expertise. Eco-innovation can and must be a solution that inevitably leads to progress in achieving the goal of sustainable economic development, "said Vasile Vulpe.

The workshop aimed at outlining the UNEP and EU methodology of promoting eco-innovation in SMEs.

Successful implementation of eco-innovations can be achieved by providing training and education programs, said Alex Leshchynskyy, Technical Officer in the United Nations Environment Program.

"Eco-innovations in entrepreneurship are a challenging process, and identifying barriers and opportunities in each business, as well as major gaps could help build a better understanding of the context and conditions for implementing them in the Republic of Moldova".

Supporting eco-innovation in business is one of the three key areas of the SME Greening Program, managed by ODIMM.

“The goal of the SME Greening Program is to promote, support and develop the entrepreneurial capacity of SMEs in order to adjust their production processes and services to social and environmental sustainability. Its vision and objectives are well aligned with the visions of UNEP and the EU on eco-innovation for SMEs", said Constantin Țurcanu, the head of the Internationalization and Export  Financing Department, ODIMM.


According to the data of a National Report on the evaluation of green economic development performance, based on Green Growth Indicators, developed in 2017 with the support of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development within the EaP GREEN project, only 3% of innovations are applied in the business sector of the Republic of Moldova. Promoting the implementation of eco-innovations in business will offer the Republic of Moldova opportunities to benefit from the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the European Union and to achieve the objectives set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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