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ODIMM will support the development of social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova

ODIMM will support the development of social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova


The creation and development of social enterprises in the Republic of Moldova will be assisted through a Support Tool for encouraging social entrepreneurship, which will be implemented by ODIMM. The initiative was stated by Iulia Costin, the CEO, during the 6th edition of the National Conference for Social Entrepreneurship.

The new support programme, on which ODIMM is working together with the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure and the development partners, aims at encouraging the expansion of over 100 social enterprises, especially in rural areas, and employing about 30% of people from socially vulnerable groups.

The initiative has a well-defined social goal, a mission which aim is to make a beneficial impact on people, environment and community.

This will be a Programme through which we would like to create a more inclusive society, applying business tools in solving social problems. The new entrepreneurial support tool will be a part of the complex stage in developing social economy and social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova ", highlighted Iulia Costin.

 The experience of the European Union shows that 1 out of 4 businesses have the status of a social enterprise. Social entrepreneurship contributes to increasing social inclusion, creating jobs, involving people from disadvantaged groups in economic activities and facilitating their access to social resources and services.

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